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gambar door trimDoor Trim
The door trim panels are key components making up the interior space of a vehicle. The main materials used include kenaf, which grows year round and has excellent CO2 absorbing properties, and plant-derived plastic, making them environmentally friendly as well.



gambar function partsFunction Parts
These precision parts make up the features of the seat. Unique pressing and processing technology is used to realise world-class productivity and yield rate.



gambar seat frameSeat Frame
This seat frame series is characterised by a structural design aimed at enhanced riding comfort while realising a reduction in weight and saving resources by using 980 MPa-class high-tensile steel for a portion of the seat frame material. Additionally, the sitting pressure and holding performance have been optimised.



gambar seatSeat
We strive to increase riding comfort through ergonomic design. Our seats are made with comfort and safety in mind, even on long drives. We develop optimum seats for any class of vehicle.




gambar package trayPackage Tray
Package trays are behind the rear seats of a sedan.




gambar carpetCarpet
Exceptional sound insulation (sound absorption/ insulation, etc.) prevents road noise from entering the vehicle cabin for a more comfortable interior space.



Filtration & Power
Train Components


gambar Air Induction SystemsAir Induction Systems
By developing engine intake parts such as the air cleaner, intake manifold and cylinder head cover as a single system, lighter weight and a compact design is realized while also contributing to improved engine performance.




gambar Cylinder Head CoversCylinder Head Covers
Higher component stability with reduced weight and the fulfillment of requirements regarding engine acoustics and impermeability, Our cylinder covers also meet the heightened design demands of vehicle and engine manufacturers.




gambar Air CleanerAir Cleaner
These remove dirt, dust and sand and other debris in the air that enter the engine. The compact nature of high-performance air cleaners enables maximum use of limited space inside the engine room.




gambar Sun VisorSun Visor
The sun visor mirror parts combined with high quality synthetic leather material can cover driver visibility with high articulary durabilities.