Health, Safety & Environment

Safety, Health & Environment
The Company Statement

PT. Toyota Boshoku Indonesia as a company engaged in Car Seat & Interior Design and Manufacturing, on the basis of governmental regulation, legislation, customer requirement and other requirements in relation to health, safety & environment, determined to prevent and manage the accident, incident, occupational illness and environmental risks. PT. Toyota Boshoku Indonesia establish a SHE policy as follows:
• Always prioritize harmonization of all aspects of supply chain, process, products are not only safe for makers and users but also be environmentally friendly.
• Achieve energy-efficient factories and constantly reduce waste by recycling the right.
• Always prioritize aspects of the prevention of pollution, accident, incident terhdapa good environment, people or infrastructure and always puts the investigation in terms of identifying the root cause to take appropriate action and accurately to prevent errors recurring.
• Always review and continuous improvement in relation to the management of safety, health and environment.
• As a community and industry, has always participated actively in safety, occupational health and the environment and improvements in communications with employees, customers, contractors, suppliers and other parties related to the business of PT Toyota Boshoku Indonesia.

We trust and believe with the development, implementation and improvement of safety management perfect health, safety and the environment, become an important means for the future of sustainability and corporate advantage.

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Safety Training & Enviromental Protection

Toyota Boshoku Indonesia is a company with a strong safety culture establishes an atmosphere where safety is aprimary responsibility of all workers from the newest apprentice to the owner or President Director. The company safety policy provides the preliminary foundation for development of a strong safety culture by setting the value of employee safety held by the company. Safety programs, training, responsibilities, accountability and rewards build off the fundamental philosophy of the company policy. We have safety training room ( Anzen dojo) and periodical fire training session for all.

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